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Our Day


Children arrive at the Nonsuch Walk entrance of St Paul’s Church, find their named peg and hang up their coats. On entering the main hall, they go and  register in their Key Person corner and find their named animal and stick it on the board to self register.  They then go and play – there are many areas to play in from the home corner, writing corner, book corner, various tables with puzzles or activities on or the sand tray, play-dough or painting. They could also go into the quieter room where our book corner and computer are found.  Adults sit in the various areas where they play and talk about what is going on using language appropriate to that area of learning.  During the morning individual staff may take small groups for stories, or letters and sounds activities including rhyme time.


Time for a snack – the children can help prepare snack by chopping fruit or setting a plate of savoury snacks out. Parents bring a variety of fruit and or savoury rice cakes or similar each week.  The children choose their name from a board and pop it into a basket.  They enjoy fruit followed by savoury biscuits, milk or water.   Opportunities are taken to share information and exchange ideas.


Approximately half of the children in the setting get ready and go to the outside garden to play.  Here there are opportunities to play in the mud kitchen or sand, to use the rope swing or maybe even do some woodwork.  In warmer weather snack time for those children will take place whilst they are outside.

11:00 or once the children have come back inside from the garden

If the children previously in the garden have not had their snack they do so at this point. Once a week our pianist comes and using musical instruments teaches the children songs, how to beat rhythm and introduces the concept of timing.


Children who have not yet been outside will get ready and go out to play until the end of the session.


After a 5 minute warning it is then tidy up time when the children help tidy up. 


We then move into the halls for a variety of activities such as playing with balls, enjoying parachute games, negotiating an obstacle course or playing circle games.    Once a week our Young Families Pastor comes and recounts a Bible based story to the children accompanied by a song.


Some of the children go home – those who don’t have brought a packed lunch and will sit down together to enjoy their food and talk about the good things we eat.


Those children who have stayed to lunch go home.

We encourage parents to join us for a session and share some of their skills and knowledge about their jobs or culture.  In addition there are occasional visits from professionals such as Firefighters (with engine), Police Officers, Health care professionals, Vets, Postal Workers and others we know who have jobs of interest to the children.  There is also a regular visit from a PAT dog.