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At Little Fishes we have a highly motivated and dedicated team of pre-school practitioners, over half of whom have a level 3 childcare qualification or above. The management team consists of the operations manager who is a qualified teacher, a setting manager and a setting manager/deputy setting manager.  Four members of staff are first aid trained, ensuring there are at least two first aid trained staff working in the setting every morning.

Each child is allocated a member of staff as a Key Person who will help them to settle in, show them the routines of the setting and encourage them to integrate into the group.  She will be there to reassure them, have fun, enjoy being with them and generally support their learning and development.  She will also be responsible for carrying out observations, planning their next steps and recording their achievements.  Key Persons are also the people parents will share their children’s interests, experiences and achievements with along with any concerns they may have.

In addition to the 8 regular staff we also enjoy a weekly visit from a pianist, a Pets As Therapy dog and his owner and the St Paul’s Church Young Families Pastor.  The pianist helps develop the children’s love of music and song as well as an understanding of concepts such as loud and quiet, high and low, rhythm and rhyme and the physical contact between the PAT dog and children helps to put them at ease and increase their confidence with dogs.  The Young Families Pastor aims to give the children an awareness of God’s love for them and their families through an interactive Bible Story.