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The fees for the academic year 2020-21 are £17 per session.

We usually run a Lunch Club which runs from 12.30 - 1pm at a cost of £2.50 per day which can be included as part of the free early education entitlement for 3-4 year olds if your child attends less than five 3 hourly sessions per week. Please note, however, that due to Covid-19 this is temporarily suspended. We aim to have it up and running again soon though.

See below for more information on "Early Years Free Education" and the second "Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)".

Free early education for three and four year olds (EYFE)
All children are entitled to receive free early education from the term after their third birthday with termly cut off dates of August 31st, December 31st and March 31st.  Parents/carers will be given a form to complete at the beginning of the term their child is eligible and we will then apply to Surrey Early Years for the EYFE on your behalf.  This applies whichever borough you live in.

Little Fishes is open for 35 weeks a year and although the entitlement is for 38 weeks please note you are unable to claim for the remainder of the hours at another setting. If your child attends two different settings you can choose to split the free education hours between them or alternatively claim them all from one setting. We have also registered to include lunch club within the 15 hour claim but please note that if this is taken up the lunch club must be attended regularly.
Free childcare for 2 year olds (FEET)
What is FEET?  FEET funding offers children aged two years old (from the term after their second birthday) up to 15 hours of free early year education a week for 38 weeks a year.  It not only allows parents to receive free childcare for their child but also provides the opportunity for parents and carers to take up a college course or go back to work as well as providing ideas on how to help their child play and learn.  In order to be eligible to receive FEET funding certain criteria must be met.  FEET is available for 38 weeks per year but please note that Little Fishes is only open for 35 weeks a year and parents are unable to claim the extra hours at another setting.  If you would like to know more click on the link below to visit the parent pages of Surrey Early Years website.

Surrey Early Years' website.
Feet Application Form