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St Paul’s Church Centre
15, Northey Avenue

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About Us

Little Fishes Pre-school is found in the Nonsuch Hall of St Paul’s Church Centre, Howell Hill, Cheam.  We operate 5 mornings a week from 9.30 – 12.30, for 35 weeks per year, and have been running since January 2003.

The pre-school has been rated as Outstanding by Ofsted in 2013.  The Ofsted report praised the 'excellent opportunities available' to children, 'well balanced planning' for each individual child, the 'extensive range of interesting, stimulating activities available to children', 'excellent access between indoor and outdoor environments', high parental involvement and the exceptional confidence developed by the children, commenting: 'Children are highly confident in communicating with staff as well as each other and staff are highly skilled in using open-ended questions to make the children think about what they are doing.' 

Started by three members of St Paul’s, Little Fishes has a staff of 10.  Little Fishes is part of St Paul’s Church and members from St Paul’s form the Little Fishes Management Group acting as an advisory body on behalf of the Trustees, the St Paul’s Parochial Church Council (PCC).

Little Fishes has up to 26 children (28 in the summer term) at pre-school on any one day, though many of these children attend anything from 2- 5 days a week.  We work with Surrey Early Years to offer the best standards of care to our children and follow the guidance of the government's Early Years Foundation Stage.

Children at Little Fishes learn, through play, to become independent, make choices and decisions whilst socialising and forming relationships with other children. The children will explore and act out roles, consolidate their learning and make sense of the world around them in an environment of love and care.